Restless Summer Nights Be Gone! No Need to Worry About Insects, Thanks to the Lazy Monk Screen Door

Mesh Screen Door

Lazy Monk is set on making an impression and looking at how things are developing, it seems that the direction things are heading in is the right one. After all, this young brand has gained a great deal of appreciation from its customers, who are keeping an eye on Lazy Monk to be the first to learn about product discounts or launches.

Coming back to the elephant in the room, it is true that Lazy Monk has only recently launched a new product, which comes very much in handy! The Magnetic Screen Door is that partner everyone turns to in the summer, when the need for fresh air is stronger than ever. However, the purpose of this Screen Door goes a beyond comfort and relaxation. Lazy Monk team is sending out a clear message, that we need to stay protected. There are more and more concerns about the health of the world and everyone is asked to watch out for insects of all kinds. These little beings can transmit some of the world’s deadliest diseases. 2017 was the Zika year, with news about its development in North America spreading everywhere. This year, who knows? The bottom line is that insects have turned into a threat and the only way one could stay protected was by using the Mesh Screen Door.

Quick and easy to install, coming with a thick Mesh Curtain, the Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door is an investment worth making. This product will prove to be a trusted partner, highly effective in keeping all insects as far away from your home as possible.

Charles White, Lazy Monk Co-founder, had something to say in this respect.

“I believe the world has changed. Unfortunately, not all changes are positive. The speed with which these viruses travel is a real issue and sadly, there is no concept of border. Some time ago, you had to be on a territory to get sick. Now it’s enough to leave the door open in the summer. It’s just not right. We need some sort of protection and the Magnetic Screen Door is exactly that. It’s the layer that keeps dangers and threats as far from your home as possible.”

The Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door is a suitable partner for any household, keeping bugs away and welcoming the fresh summer breeze. 

Source: Lazy Monk

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