Tool or Toy? Learning While Playing With the Lazy Monk Magnetic Block Set

Lazy Monk, a family operated business seeking to bring joy and happiness in the lives of all its clients has just launched a fresh new product, which is thought to be child friendly from all possible perspective. The Magnetic Building Block Set is part of the greatly appreciated and highly popular STEM toy category. Noticing the positive effect educational toys have had on children, the founders of Lazy Monk have decided to invest both time and effort into creating the ideal magnetic blocks, fit for girls and boys, in the hope of actively participating in a healthy & complete social development.

Coming in a complete set of 102 Magnetic Building Tiles, of various shapes and colors, the Lazy Monk bundle offers the child the possibility to learn while playing, while having fun. The perspective of a fun learning session is part of the educational toy trend, highly popular at the moment. What’s to be gained as a result of using these STEM toys?

Lazy Monk co-founder has shared his opinion on the matter, at the same time pointing out the key benefits, for which investing in these magnetic blocks is the wise decision for any parent. ‘We feel responsible to create the appropriate environment, encouraging the idea of problem solving, as this is where a complete social development is best achieved. As we have mentioned in the past, our brand is one that embraces the idea of a modern man, an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer with a positive attitude, ready for all challenges that may appear along the way. Only from an early childhood can we teach our sons and daughters that problems can be solved and that ingenuity is one of man’s greatest treasures. What better way to send out these messages other than by playing, laughing and having a good time? ‘

Part of the educational toy market, which has already made a name for itself, proving its value, the Lazy Monk magnetic tiles are the perfect partner for any child and parent, encouraging the development of healthy skills and a safe playing environment  from a very young age.

For further details regarding the Lazy Monk Magnetic Block Set, please visit the website or use the contact details listed below. 

Source: Lazy Monk

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